Legacy Locker

Legacy Locker is now PasswordBox

We are excited to announce that Legacy Locker has joined PasswordBox, the world's first digital life manager.
PasswordBox includes a Legacy Vault to easily pass on your digital assets, and also offers an unparalleled range of password manager features such as: instant 1-Click logins, secure sharing and multi-device syncing. Existing Legacy Locker subscribers will receive a free lifetime account for PasswordBox.

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About PasswordBox

PasswordBox is the world's first digital life manager. It's a free service that allows users to securely store, retrieve and share passwords and other personal data anytime, anywhere, on any device. PasswordBox provides robust online security for users without sacrificing convenience and ease of use.

With the acquisition of Legacy Locker, PasswordBox is the only company in the world that offers users the ability to protect their digital legacy during life and after through a unique, patent-pending process.

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