Legacy Locker - Why Legacy Locker?

Protect your online assets the same way you safeguard your physical assets.

Your will (or estate or trust) protects your car, your house, your retirement account, and all your other assets for you. It ensures these valuables make their way to your spouse, siblings, children, or other loved ones. But what happens to all the information you've stored on the Internet, from your email address(es) to your PayPal account to your Facebook profile?

Most of the websites we all use on a regular basis have little-to-no provisions in place for a loved one to transfer account information in a time of need. In some cases you might even need to get a lawyer involved just to access an email inbox. Your digital legacy needs protection, and we've built Legacy Locker to help solve these problems.

Legacy Locker is also a useful way to have your own backup of hard-to-remember passwords, documents, and other important information. Whether you are traveling overseas and lose your passport or can't find the copy of a contract when you need it, Legacy Locker can be a perfect solution, providing real-time access when you need it the most.