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About Us

The inspiration for Legacy Locker came about through two family events for one of the company's founders, Jeremy Toeman. First, a happy event, the birth of his son. Several months after the birth, he and his wife proceeded to create a will with the help of a local estate planner. During this process, every single physical asset the family owned was accounted for, along with the preferred beneficiary for the item.

Unfortunately, in that same year, Jeremy's grandmother passed away at the age of 94. She was an avid emailer, was quite comfortable "Googling" for things, and even played bridge on Yahoo! Games. When she died, the family had no way at all to get into her email account or to reply to any of her emails.

Through these events, Jeremy recognized that should something happen to him, his family would have the same issues (if not worse, considering his "digital" lifestyle). Further, his business partner would not be able to take over the Web domains he owned nor login to his computer.

So we built Legacy Locker, the safest and most convenient way to pass your logins and web passwords to your family and loved ones.

Legacy Locker Inc. is a private company based in San Francisco, CA.

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